Welcome to my life.
Hi there, tumblr user. I'm Amanda and I'm a college student. I am a princess. I love cats. I love Mayday Parade and We the Kings. I'm a generally happy person, however I use tumblr as my diary so some of my posts may be less happy. If you have any questions please ask away! :)

favorite chick flick movies→ The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Runway is a fashion magazine, so an interest in fashion is crucial.

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A short story of a college students life

I will never not Reblog this

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Animals Growing Up

Cuz who wouldn’t want this on their dash

The turtle one

If this doesn’t make ur day better u are wrong and you can go

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LINDSEY’S #AskLindsey [x]

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Question: When did you realize Danny was the one?

"Where was awhile when I was younger, where it was really hard, and then I could never stop thinking about him, and then one day he text me and he was in venice, Italy and he texted me and said ‘You would love it here’ and then I just knew everything was just gonna…work itself out. I don’t know, not being with me made him sad too. So, we worked it out." 

and then she cries a little and then WE ALL CRY ALOT...or was that just me?-Meester

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Fucking kids care more about each other than we do

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So I’m think gettin married.

Holy crap.

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Love Like Crazy-Lee Brice


Love Like Crazy-Lee Brice

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one of my favorites by Lee Brice


one of my favorites by Lee Brice

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